Cincinnati Gutter & Roof Protection is proud to announce that we have won the 2011 Super Service Award from Angie's List.


Cincinnati Gutter & Roof Protection is proud to accept the Gold Award Of Excellence from Mueller Roofing Distributors. It came as a surprise, when the owner of Mueller Roofing Distributors, Herb Mueller, and his colleagues called for a meeting with us on Tuesday March 2, 2010. John Allen, the owner of Cincinnati Gutter & Roof Protection, and Jamie Cox (Senior Estimator), were invited to JAG's restaurant in Westchester Ohio by the Mueller Roofing Distributing Company.


John Allen says, "we were stunned when we were presented with the award. We humbly accept the reward and would like to personally thank Mueller Roofing Distributors, Herb, Jody, and Scott, all who work at Mueller, and for presenting us with the award, and we would also like to thank you for the fine dinner you treated us to that night".

Mueller Roofing Distributors had expressed their appreciation for the volume of business we had done with them for 2009 and indicated that we were one of the few company's that had a significant increase in sales volume.

During 2008 and 2009, when the economy was in a deep recession, our company had record sales volume, due in part by hurricane Ike that hit the Cincinnati area. Insurance claims were unprecedented due to the storm, and our business had a huge surge of business because of that storm. We are thankful that we had the work, we know a lot of other business's and company's have been suffering during those times and never want to take these opportunity's for granted.

We also want to thank our customers, they are the one's who deserve this award, without them, we wouldn't have done the volume of business that we did. Once again, we want to thank our customers, and the great business relationship we have with Mueller Roofing Distributors Inc.


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