Seamless Gutter Installation Information

Cincinnati Gutter & Roof Protection uses the latest technology in gutter products and installation methods.

Our gutters are installed with a senox hidden hanger with a 3" screw every 24" on center.


Our gutters are pitched using a level, not the "eyeball method" that some installers use. The eyeball method is when a installer pitches the gutter and rely's on the drop the gutter makes from the top of the fascia board. The installer will then "eyeball" attempting to pitch the gutter for proper drainage. This method is unreliable because over time, many houses settle and many times out of level. Using a level is the only true method of making sure your gutters will drain.

We use two different size gutters and two different size downspouts for different applications. For example if you have a small roof, a 5" gutter with a 2" x 3" downspout may be effecient enough to carry the rain water off your roof. If however you live in a larger home, a 6" gutter may be required to carry the water off of your roof.

Ultimately you want to avoid water overflows or you are defeating the purpose of having the right size gutters. It's usually the heavy rains that are the concern, and a time in which you want to make sure you have the right size gutter and downspouts.

Some rule of thumbs to follow are the following: A 5" gutter installed with a 2"x3" downspout will usually carry 600 square feet of roof. A 6" gutter with a 3" x 4" downspout will usually carry 1200 square feet of roof. The other rule of thumb to follow is, 2 downspouts for every 40' is recommended for a 5" gutter and 2 downspouts for every 60' for a 6" gutter is recommended.

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