Important Questions To Ask Any Gutter Guard Company

# 1 How long have you been installing gutter guards in Cincinnati?

# 2 Do you carry workman’s compensation and liability insurance?

# 3 Do you have a good reputation (check B.B.B.) and do you have references?

# 4 Is the contract written in detail and does it spell out all the work to be performed?

#5 Is the company asking you for money up front (we don’t) and can you trust them?

#6 Is the company offering you a reasonable workmanship / material warranty?

#7 Is the company high pressuring you to sign the contract (example: this price is only good for tonight)?

#8 Is the company local and have an actual place of business, not a fly by night passing through town?

#9 Does the company use and implement safety methods to keep you and the workers safe on the job?

#10 Does the company take extra caution with landscaping, lights, etc.?

#11 Does the company's product install over or under a shingle?

#12 Is the company's product completly enclosed to keep out bee's wasps and mosquito's.

#13 Is the company's product backed by a large corporation (Like Alcoa) and have a strong long term history?

#14 Does the company's product require that you clean the nose of their product occasionally to keep functioning properly.

#15 Is the company's product known for icecicles or ice problems during winter climates?

#16 How much water flow does the company's product handle?

#17 Does the company's product work with all roof pitches?

#18 Is the company's product visible from the ground or is it invisible to preserve your home's curb appeal?

#19 Is company's product installed by a certified trained installer?

#20 Does the company offer a product that is made of durable material (like aluminum) that will last for years to come and not rust or suffer from UV rays?

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